Practice What You Preach

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When I made the decision to change career paths five years ago, I never imagined that I’d wind up working for a company that would not only change my life, but my entire outlook on it too. Evergreen Lifestyles Management prides itself on fostering cultures where neighbors know one another, help each other out and extend invitations to newcomers. I wholeheartedly believe the reason why ELM is able to achieve this with such a high level of success, is because they demonstrate these community values within their own company.

Although I was originally hired for an administrative role, I have held three other positions since my hire date and am now a licensed, Community Association Manager. With each and every position, ELM has afforded me the opportunity to learn and grown within the company and industry. ELM’s leadership team doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’, they ‘walk the walk’. They are committed to their mission, set the tone for all of their employees and lead by example. The continuous support, encouragement, commitment, acceptance and love I am shown, has made such a huge impact on the way I work, and also on the way I feel about myself as an employee. There is nothing better than being able to go to work and know that any occasion will be special because I’m constantly surrounded by people who genuinely care. When you work with people for such a long time you start to recognize signs of support. The kind of support I receive daily, starts at the top.

I’ve often heard the expression ‘work family’, although I’ve never had the experience of working for a company that actually cultivated one. ELM epitomizes what a family is, or at least what one should be. Definitions of what a ‘family’ is may vary, however, people who call each other ‘family’ are important and meaningful to each other’s lives. It wasn’t too long ago, amidst this pandemic, that I received a call from ELM’s Chief Operating Officer, asking if I had been successful in my quest for (of all things), toilet paper! While on a personal shopping trip, the COO remembered a post of mine of Facebook where I asked for help locating the elusive paper product. She was willing to purchase it for me, despite living over two hours away! I have many experiences like this to reminisce about. All of the small gestures and words of support through the years have meant the world to me and this is just one small example of how ELM practices what they preach. In my experience, when you feel appreciated and valued, you strive to work harder and better, not only for yourself but for your company. I truly think that the most important aspect of the work family is that they ARE family and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Evergreen family!