Rotary Youth Exchange with Evergreen Lifestyles Management

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The Rotary Youth Exchange program is where a student from overseas is sponsored by a local Rotary Club to come to the United States for 1 year, to attend High School, learn a new language and emerge themselves into our culture.

In Central Florida we have been fortunate to meet such wonderful exchange students from Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Finland, France and Italy. Over the past few months these students have spent countless hours assisting our Central Florida Lifestyle Directors by volunteering at their community events. Most recently, they assisted at the Bellalago Spring Eggstravaganza for over 1,500 residents.

It has been our pleasure to get to know these kids, and to see that they arrived as strangers, from multiple different cultural backgrounds, and yet they all work together to achieve their goals. Truly an inspiration, and shows us how diversity can thrive.

As a thank you to the great work and for giving back to their new communities, our COO Mandy Morgan accompanied the students on a recent trip to Atlanta. Evergreen took them out to dinner at the Hard Rock Café to thank them for their hard work. Here are a few pictures of them on their trip and at their most recent volunteering experience.

Click here for more information about the Rotary Youth Exchange program