Solivita Walking on Sunshine

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Solivita is Walking on Sunshine, even during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Solivita closed all Club facilities and all activities were suspended once the COVID-19 outbreak came into Florida. Residents were not able to see fellow club members, card playing partners, social dance friends, art and craft participants, etc. Residents who were accustom to a full social calendar, soon found themselves at home in search of ways to fill the days.

The Activities Department at Solivita who all work closely with the residents, decided to create a video of how residents were making the best of the current situation and to remind everyone that we are all in this together and we will get through this pandemic. At the same time, the Activities Department wanted to spread some cheer and smiles with an uplifting message. We searched for the perfect song and quickly narrowed it down to Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves. This song was especially fitting for the Solivita community, which means “Life in the Sun”. They had seen an increase of walkers and bicyclists outside soaking up the bright Florida sun.

With our plethora of uplifting messages in tow (and gloves and Clorox wipes to clean them between hands), every resident we approached to participate in the video was game for the fun and the “stardom” they’d obtain once it was released. The Activities Staff creatively staged and directed each segment of the video and edited the whole thing to make for a unique, and our first ever, “music video”.

The Solivita Walking on Sunshine music video was released to the Solivita community on a Thursday evening in June, five minutes before the weekly scheduled movie night on their own community channel that is broadcast to their home TV. The video was also sent in their community email blast in case anyone missed it.

The day after it was released, the feedback from the Solivita residents was of joy, happiness, smiles and appreciation for the entertainment.

The video was a reminder of how fortunate we all are to work and/or live in Solivita.

See the Solivita’s Walking on Sunshine Music Video below.