Joey Arroyo, LCAM

Area Community Manager

Joey joined the Evergreen Lifestyles Management family in October 2018 as an Area Manager-Portfolio Communities. While serving as President of his own association for four years, he decided in order to better understand the HOA industry he would need his CAM license. That was almost twenty years ago. He now brings all of that HOA management experience together with his success in sales and marketing to assist Evergreen Lifestyles in growing to new heights. He has also served as the chair of the Community Association Institute (CAI), Central Florida Chapter Tradeshow Committee for sixteen years and held a position on its Board of Directors for eight years during that time. He also brings a Bachelor’s Degree from Barry University to add to his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Todd Moseley, LCAM

Director of Training and Development

Tiffany Csalovszki, LCAM

Senior Community Manager North Florida Portfolio