Mandy Morgan, LCAM, CMCA, AMS

Chief Operating Officer

Mandy spent over 30 years within in the Finance Industry including several years spent as an Equities Trader on the London Stock Exchange. Following her move to the US in 2001, this wealth of experience made the transition into the real estate industry and lifestyle and community management seamless. Maintaining her diligent British work ethic, Mandy has set herself apart as someone who is very adaptable to change, and overcomes any obstacle and continuously motivates her team to do the same. She has successfully managed onsite communities of over 3000+ rooftops, as well as many smaller portfolio style properties, throughout Florida and South Carolina for the last 15 years. She volunteers at Give Kids the World with over 2,500 service hours to date.

Kraig Carmickle, LCAM

President & CEO

Art Burnside

Chief Information Officer