I am a performer that works at many many different communities in the southeast. As such, I get a special glimpse of the amenities, features, and staff of a lot of different places. Evergreen communities stand out to me as easily a step above the others. Beautiful, modern construction, gorgeously laid out neighborhoods and top of the line common areas are just the start. Evergreen staffers possess a family like camaraderie and their attention to detail and their members is outstanding. The events are packed with fun, amazing decorations, five star food and superb entertainment. There always is a surprise of some type that greets the members upon arrival or later during an event. It’s obvious to me as an outsider that the staffers love what they do and the members love where they live.

People like Mandy Morgan always strive for the best possible event, yet always aim to make the next event even better. Comment cards are available to each member at each event and the staff encourage all positive and negative feedback. Forever working on making the lifestyle experience the absolute best it can be is a commitment that Evergreen takes very seriously. It is always a pleasure to be a part of an Evergreen event!