Just wanted to put in writing what I keep telling you in person GREAT JOB. We have been here one year on Friday and have seen incredible changes since you and Evergreen took over. Your progress with Girard is amazing and has everyone talking in a positive way. I have been on the landscape committee and heard all the bad, ugly, and now almost all “good” comments.

Your monthly coffee’s are creating a cohesive atmosphere and your response to the long list of resident requests keeps getting shorter. You have succeeded in calming even the most alarmed and armed residents. There are also less rumors and more truth thanks to your open door policy. Your speech about the staff getting on the team or not being here was excellent and there has been a noticeable change in the clubhouse.

Carlin is doing a super job. Her sock hop was one of the best things at Vitalia It was well planned and well run with a great DJ and her Root Beer Floats that we are still talking about. I know this is just the first of many successful parties. Best of all we now have a realistic working back gate finally. Now if we can just get the lights in the big room done as you hope, you may have filled our wish list.