I’m sure you get more than your share of negative feedback from homeowners.  I’d like to make an exception to that. I moved to Amelia Walk last October. I previously lived in a beautiful development in Lower Gwynedd, PA. We had rules and an active HOA with a very active property manager. Lots of folks wanted to “do their own thing,” but the rules were well thought out and everyone was expected to follow them – and the result was a community that had great curb appeal and property values grew and grew. It was a very desirable location and people wanted to move there. So I’m a great believer in the value of well-managed properties for all f the property owners.

It is clear that Amelia Walk has had several periods of lax attention while developers were up in the air. But, I must say that in my short time here, I’ve seen great improvement since Wesley came on board.

Wesley is responsive, proactive, inviting and visible. He sees something that needs to be addressed and he goes about finding a reasonable solution. He points out what can and cannot be done. Even if you don’t particularly like his answer to a question, you know that he has fully researched and thought out his response. I absolutely love that he communicates with home owners regularly. He is a great asset to our community. I truly appreciate all that he does to make Amelia Walk a place where people want to live!