Warrior Princess Eleanor Paige Battling Neuroblastoma

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“A small town coming together to spread love, encouragement and hope for children with pediatric cancer” – Justine Tucker

As our mission statement says “Within Evergreen communities, we strive to foster a culture where neighbors know one another, help each other out, and extend invitations to new comers. In order to achieve this, we first demonstrate these community values within our own company”. We strive to make a difference within our local communities in any way that we can. Our Victoria Park Community in Deland did just that. They came together as a community to support Warrior Princess Eleanor.

At three months old, Victoria Park resident Eleanor Paige was diagnosed with Stage 4S Neuroblastoma. In a matter of moments, life became uncertain and dreams were placed on hold for Scott and Sarah Stephens. This began the fight for Eleanor’s life. After the diagnosis, her parents soon started calling her their Warrior Princess. She was their princess with the strength of a warrior. Eleanor went through hospital stays, time in the pediatric ICU, surgery and chemotherapy. The cancer is still progressing and Eleanor is now in another round of chemotherapy. In her pursuit to help families Sarah founded the Warrior Kids Foundation. The Warrior Kids Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit foundation committed to supporting families whose children are battling pediatric cancer. Three areas touched on are normal everyday expenses, treatment-related equipment, and supplies, as well as spiritual and emotional support through a licensed Christian counselor. Eleanor quickly became well-known in the community. DeLand has really shown their love and support for this Warrior Princess. On February 2, 2018 Eleanor was the race starter for the annual ME Strong 5K. On June 23, 2018 the 2018 Warrior Kids Foundation Charity Golf Tournament took place at Victoria Hills Golf Club raising $18,000, all proceeds going to the foundation! On September 5, 2018 Mayor Apgar held a Proclamation in honor of DeLand “going gold” to bring awareness in the month of September for kids with pediatric cancer.

“Things will happen in your life that you didn’t plan for but we are beyond thankful for this community bringing us love and support.” – Sarah Stephens and as Eleanor would say, “we tell cancer NO NO NO!”.

Most recently Eleanor has not been able to be around a lot of people with her immune system and the things that she is going through so Lifestyle Director Justine asked Eleanor’s mother Sarah if she could come outside and enjoy the bounce houses at an event before the official start time and she said YES! We have the privilege of working with some great vendors across the company, these particular vendors were more than happy to get the bounce houses ready earlier than planned so Eleanor could enjoy what to many of us isn’t that big of a deal but to this little girl who has never been in a bounce house was oh so very special.

Eleanor is heading for more treatment in the coming weeks and we would you to join us in sending prayers to Eleanor and her family.

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To learn more about the Warrior Kids Foundation please visit Warrior Kids Foundation

Warrior Princess Eleanor Paige