When Social Means Distancing

Filed Under: Lifestyles

Our world has been upended and we are all struggling with one big question: “What’s next?”

No one could have predicted that five letters and two numbers could change every aspect of life? But COVID-19 has done just that. While Evergreen is a full service management company, we also go one step further; we help make a community a home. This is largely done through assisting neighbors with meeting each other, entertaining children, and engaging adults with their lifestyles program. Whether it is a simple movie on the lawn or an extravagant festival for 5,000 our staff works to bring everyone together. The lifestyles staff (also known by residents as “the resident fun ones”!) are often known in the community for their high energy and crazy ideas. These communities become family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In a 7-day time span our months of planning vanished without a confirmed re-start date. While our heads are still reeling, that ever present “what’s next” weighs on us heavily. Our residents are restless and so are we!

With the uncertainty brought on with this crisis we have learned a few major lessons:

  • Positivity goes a lot further than negativity in any situation
  • We have some of the best and most giving residents you will ever find
  • Where there is a will, there is a way

So, what is next for our ever-evolving lifestyles group?

It is time to go virtual! Our team has stepped up to the plate sending out home crafts, scavenger hunts, contests and so much more. Although no new project comes without a learning curve, we are excited to face this challenge head on and continue connecting with our communities. We are currently researching multiple platforms that will allow us to offer new items such as online book clubs, craft tutorials, fitness classes, and social distancing happy hours (online). The Evergreen Lifestyles team continues to work together during this time to bring new ideas with a little positivity to our residents during this unprecedented time. While we are quickly working through these changes due to circumstance, we hope to continue growing our virtual presence moving forward and offering more online options for our communities.

Our residents have gone above and beyond with their patience and support during this difficult time and assisting us in keeping the community connected. We may not be able to interact with you in person, but we sure as ever can make a difference online. We miss you all and look forward to bringing our lifestyles programs back bigger and better than before.